Flying with 2011’s Top Air-to-Air Squadron

2012 Raytheon Award Video

This video was created to commemorate the 67FS winning the 2011 Raytheon Trophy for outstanding aerial achievement, given to the top air-to-air squadron in the USAF.

The footage was shot over 1 year of flying with a Sony HD Handycam and GOPRO Hero. The footage was shot entirely by pilots, no combat camera personnel were used. The video was edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD over 2 weeks by Jersey. Footage includes flying and aircraft from both the 67FS “Fighting Cocks” and the 44FS “Vampire Bats”, entirely on location at Kadena AB, Japan. Most of the over water footage was filmed while we were raging like demons from hell in the skies over the pacific ocean like our brothers did 70 years before us.

I always wanted to be a fighter pilot. When my bad eyesight, and less than impressive grades and math skills, kept me from achieving my of going to the Air Force Academy, I settled to resolve that someday, somehow I will get to ride in a fighter. I have no idea how that is achievable, or even possible, but I never say never. And I never put limits on my dreams. (Well… unless I have bad eyesite and less than impressive grades… Then I guess I do.) In the meantime, I’ll go rent out an IMAX theater and watch this video on repeat.

Video edited by Jersey and posted here.

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