Business With Intention: Focused

The best lemonade I’ve ever had. Possibly the best on Earth.

I find it funny to follow the last post, “Unfocused,” with this one. There are certain events that, whether you expect it or not, turn out to be life changing. No, it wasn’t the moment I unintentionally discovered the best lemonade of the planet; although, that’s a close second. This past weekend I went to the Business With Intention workshop in Brooklyn, and it was so great to be surrounded by so many creative people! If you are a small business owner, just beginning or established, or simply someone looking for inspiration to change things up, I highly recommend it. It was hosted by two beautiful ladies I am now proud to call my friends: Jess Constable from Jess LC and Makeunder My Life (one of my favorite sites) and Clara of Clara Persis Events. By the end of the day, I had made a total of 9 instant new friends that really “get it,” and a plan to restart my business and creative endeavors. (Read Clara’s take on the workshop here.) It was exactly what I needed to get me motivated. I am so excited to hear updates and can’t wait to see everyone again!



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